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Welcome to my new blog. And Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!

Posted by John Olsen on


Hello, I am John Olsen and I am an Owner Manager of EOE Orbis.

This section is being created to feature News, Statements and Photos to help improve communication and establish a better service for all our EOE Orbis Customers.

I'll start by saying a big Thank You for your continued patronage. We have been going thru a rough patch for the last few months but we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure that you will enjoy our progress as we improve our service and launch several exciting upcoming projects.

If you have any questions or points you would like me to look at, please comment below or email me at I will address them as soon as possible

Thank you,

Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!

The Big News now is the launch of our first Kickstarter Pirates of Treasure Island :) Yarrrrr! It is going along swimmingly and will soon be followed by another KS soon. Details will follow...

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  • Hi Katie,
    Thanks for your comment. Communication is one of our worst problems and right at the top of the my list of things to sort out. We are catching up and will soon start updating customers in a timely fashion.

    John Olsen on
  • Maybe we could start by sending ETAs to people with outstanding orders? I don’t mind if you tell me it’s going to be a month — it’s the not having any idea at all that’s concerning…


    Katie L on

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