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Thank you for your
well wishes and patience during this hectic time!

Recently our main shipping provider for international orders misplaced and failed to scan a large multi shipment, because of this several orders were delayed much longer then we’d ever like and for that we sincerely apologize, we were as much in the dark as you due to this and never want to disappoint with delayed orders.

Thankfully said package was located and tracking updated, all orders are en route! If you have any questions of concerns please reach out to us at the listed email below, we’re working over time to address all queries and thank you for your patience.

John’s health is currently rocky, with ups and downs, he appreciates all well wishes and hopes to be at full health soon after some procedures. Thank you for your patience with us as we work half staffed.

Please contact us at the below email.    

Regular sales will be coming back soon and we’re continuing to improve photos and information on the store page.

Thanks again for the wonderful support and your endless patience with us as we’ve endured some growing pains this last year!  


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