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Old ranges have returned to the store in renewed condition, from larger miniatures to army fodder soldiers, Shadow Elves and Vermen are back and better then ever!

Check out some of the newly listed packs below!

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More lines will be returning and launching soon as we answer your requests to extend our library and update photos.

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HM1145 – Verm Ogre

HM1146 – Plague Shaman

HM1148 – Black Horde Elite

HM1147 – Vermen Horde Command

HM1143 – Black Horde Warriors

HM1144 – Grey Horde Warriors

HM1309 – Vermen Veteran Warriors

FA0542 – Zahranian Ver’men Warrior Command

FA0543 – Zahranian Ver’men Shadow Mages

HM1149 – Vermen Crossbow Soldiers 

FA0540 – Zahranian Ver’men Warriors I

FA0541 – Zahranian Ver’men Warriors II

HM1079 – Shadow Elf Crossbows I

HM1080 – Shadow Elf Crossbows II

HM1082 – Shadow Elf Harbalist 

HM1086 – Shadow Elf Cavalry Lancer

HM1085 – Mounted Shadow Elf Lord

HM1076 – Shadow Elf Lords 

HM1077 – Shadow Elf Knights I

HM1078 – Shadow Elf Knights II


Thank you for your support and the massive turn out for our last sale! We’d taken a small break from the news letters and sales to fulfill everyone’s orders, and while we’re still hard at it we didn’t want to leave you all waiting any longer.

This is our first return of ranges and we hope you enjoy as we look back at our old catalog. New updated and detailed photos will be added to our lines soon as we work to address all the requests for an easier shopping experience.

Rest assured we’re not only returning old figures, future launches of extended lines and kickstarters are coming soon, make sure you’re subscribed to get the news as soon as it drops.

All orders are being fulfilled as fast as our two sets of hands can handle, though if there are any concerns please reach out to us!

Our email address is:

Please note there may be delays with orders due to current changes with the postal systems domestic and international, especially regarding UK and European orders. We’re working hard to get your orders to you, please reach out with any inquiries.

Thank you for your time and considering our sales!


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