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Doctor Who Ranges Reorganized


Dean's spent the past week completely reorganizing how we list the Doctor Who packs. They're a lovely range but it can be a pain to find things. Did you know we have a mondas cyberman? Or that we have 4 Sontarans (including a Sontaran Commander which was misspelled years ago so you couldn't even search for him?) Or more than one Vervoid?

So instead of the random 'as they were released' order, you now see the Doctors, then his Companions (you don't need to go back to the 1st Doctor to find Ben and Polly. They're also with the 2nd Doctor), then the characters and monsters in order. Want the figures from Talons of Weng-Chiang? Just scroll down the 4th Doctor range and find them all together. Easy.

And we've rearranged the Tardis and Console set. Now you can get 9 versions. One for each of the Doctors.

 I've even done a couple of photos of figures that haven't had a picture on site this decade! Check out the Master and Mounted Cheetah Person packs.

Come check them out

1st Doctor Range

2nd Doctor Range

3rd Doctor Range

4th Doctor Range

5th Doctor Range

6th Doctor Range

7th Doctor Range

8th Doctor Range

Movie Doctor Range

Doctor Who Specials Range

UNIT Range

I'll be extending the Doctor Who sale over Memorial Day weekend so come find a treasure you've overlooked!




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