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Prices Cut across all ranges

Posted by Vaughan Edwards on




We've been thinking about this for a while so here goes.

Not a flash sale. Not a 7 day sale. An actual 'All The Time' price drop!! From Doctor Who to Historical and Fantasy, we've dropped the price. Today, tomorrow, a week on thursday, next year, all the time.

Is it a pain when you need an American Platoon / Roman Phalanx / Orc Horde but our sale is Soviet / Celt / Dwarf? Worry no more! No need to wait on your precious going on sale, just pick it up now. Are you a fan of our Cavalry but they only go on sale twice a year? Well we've slashed the price of all of them (no exaggeration, really check them out).

We've also got new releases lined up every week for the next 6 months now. Plenty of World War 2, Fantasy and never seen before Historical packs.

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